Pingplalee Resort Directions


The Quiet Life Resort on the River Kwai.

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Travel by private car.

- Starting from Bangkok to Kanchanaburi 128 kilometers, pass Kachanaburi city to Kaeng Siang Intersection.

- Drive on Kanchanaburi - Saiyok Road (Highway 323) 25.1 kilometers until get to Bang Chak Gas Station (km. 90) drive until seeing T-Junction.

- Turn left on Mueang Sing Historical Park (highway 3455) cross the railroad and get to the T-Junction.

- Turn right on Krasae Cave 15.2 kilometers, cross the intersection, pass km. 7 and reach to  "Kwai Noy River Park Resort" front door.

- Enter Kwai Noy River Park Resort, Pingplalee Resort Kanchanaburi is inside.

Google Maps

- By Google Maps, please set destination " Pingplalee Entry ". Please enter  "Kwai Noi River Park Resort", Pingplalee Resort is in this proporty.

- Please remind that Google Map may taking wrong direction. (which is the other side of the river)


Travel by van.

- Taking a van to Kanchanaburi at Southern Bus Terminal (Sai Tai Mai).

- Van will send you at Kanchanaburi Bus Terminal.

- Taking "Thong Pha Phum - Sangkhla Buri" Bus.

- About 45 Minutes from there to Bank Chak Gas Station (Thakilen T-Junction)

- Pingplalee Resort's car will take you from here.

Travel by train.

- Getting on a train Bangkok - Kanchanaburi - Krasae Cave.

- Getting off at Krasae Cave Train Station to parking lot.

- Pingplalee Resort's car will take you from here.

Resort car fee *

- Pick up and delivery between the Resort to Krasae Cave or Bangchak Petroleum Station, fee 500 Baht

- Pick up at Kanchanaburi Bus Station, fee 1,000 Baht.

- Transfer to Kanchanaburi Bus Station, fee 1,000 Baht

- Please make an appointment in advance.

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